The Materials You Need When You Need Them
Soft Magnetic Alloys
Radiometal 4550
VIM VAR Core Iron
Hiperco 50
EFI Alloy 79
EFI Alloy 50

Some of these alloys are sometimes referred to as Magnifer, High Permeability 49, HyMu 80, Hipernom, Moly-Permalloy, and Permalloy 80.
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Controlled Expansion Alloys
42 Alloy
42-6 Alloy
48 Alloy
52 Alloy

Some of these alloys are sometimes referred to as NILO, Pernifer, Dilvar, and Glass-Seal.
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Electrical/Electronic Nickel
Nickel Grades 200, 201, 205, 233, & 270
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Refractory Metals and Alloys
TZM Molybdenum
Tungsten Alloy

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Hard to Find
Use our Material Locator service for hard to find materials for the Aerospace/Aviation, Defence, Electronics, Magnetic, Medical, Lighting, Optical, Telecommunications, Ceramics, Heat Treating, and other high-technology industries.
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