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Ed Fagan Inc. adds Molybdenum TZM Rod, Sheet and Plate to its catalog


August 29th, 2006

Ed Fagan Incorporated has added Moly TZM from STC/Plansee to broaden it’s stock list of Refractory products. Molybdenum TZM is alloy of  .5% Titanium, .07% Zirconium, Bal Molybdenum. The most significant advantage of TZM is that above 2000°F it has Exceptional strength and stiffness,  good thermal conductivity, low emissivity, low vapor pressure, resists corrosion, ductile and Machinable.    TZM should be considered for all structural parts operating over 2000°F.

Applications include: structural furnace components, glass-to-metal seals, electrodes, rocket nozzles, jet tabs, , electrical contacts, and many others.

Molybdenum TZM
.1875 .250 .275 .375 .500 .630 .750 1.00
.030 .187 .250          


For more information you can: download the Molybdenum TZM Data Sheet, or Call our Sales Staff at 800 348 6268 in the US and Canada or 201 891 4003.

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